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Ink Machines Sweden is not your average tattoo supplier! We develop and test our own products in close cooperation with professional tattoo artists. Combined with our own manufacturing facility and knowledge we can create unique and special products at the most competitive prices for tattoo artists all over the world. We are constantly working on exciting and thought through products to make tattooing just a little bit better.

Our products are always properly tested to ensure that our customers don’t end up as a guinea pig for unfinished products. If its not a good product you will not find it in our shop, period. As a part of our vision we always strive to have close relationships with the tattoo artists and exchange valuable information from those we in fact create our products for.

Our Objective

Our goal is to provide top of the line products with that little extra and give the tattoo artist the freedom to focus on creating. We take pride in converting input from the tattoo artists into improvement on our products. Your input is valuable to us.


The TPS-500 X2 is our Third gen wireless power supply. Designed as a modular system so that charger bay and other accessories can be added to the main unit.



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