AptoGrip ( Only for standard tips and needles )

AptoGrip Aluminum 22mm
Price80,00 €
AptoGrip Aluminum 25mm
Price80,00 €
AptoGrip Stainless steel 22mm
Price100,00 €
AptoGrip Stainless steel 25mm
Price100,00 €
Disposable grip 25mm (10pcs)
Price19,00 €

Out of stock

Disposable grip 32mm (10pcs)
Price20,00 €
22mm Anodized Aluminium
Price35,00 €
30mm Anodized Aluminium
Price40,00 €
22mm Polished Stainless steel
Price55,00 €

Wireless tattooing with the TPS-500

The TPS-500 is our second gen wireless power supply. Designed as a modular system so that charger bay and other accessories can be added to the main unit.


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