Q: What is the frame made of?

A: The frame is made of 7075 “aircraft quality” and so are most of the exterior components.

Q: What kind of motor does it have?

A: The motor is Swiss made according to our specifications and are probably the best there is, it is also the strongest motor available of its size.

Q: What kind of bearings do you use?

A: We use only high quality bearings from Japan.

Q: Is it autoclavable?

A: No it will ruin the motor.

Q: The cap fell off, what do I do?

A: Screw down the adjustment screw a bit and push the cap back in place. You might have unscrewed the adjustment to far. If it still falls off when running normally it is probably the hexagon on the adjustment screw that is damaged. This will make the adjustment screw unscrew itself. If this is the case you need to purchase a new adjustment screw.

Q: What kind of material is the binding posts made of?

A: The binding posts, springs and all screws are made from stainless steel.

Q: How do I oil the machine?

A: Click here and follow the instructions
Oil is included with every machine.

Q: The machine wont run below 8volts. Is it possible to run it at lower voltage?

A: This is normal because of the stop up function. Normal working voltage is around 10v but if you want to run it slower than 8v you can remove the stay up spring. This will enable it to run at very low voltage but it will also disable the stay up function and make it stop randomly.

Q: The machine is running uneven and sounds rattling.

A: Make sure that the inner piston is oiled and runs smoothly. You can also try to stretch the inner piston sprig about 2mm to prevent this from happening.

Q: The Needlebar retainer vibrates loose during tattooing what can i do?

A: Stretch out the Retainer screw spring a few millimeters.

Q: Nothing happens when the cap is turned, it wont go softer or harder whats wrong?

A: First make sure that you feel under the needlebar pin and not over. If you still cant change the softness its probably the hexagon on the adjustment screw that is damaged. it can happen when it is tightened to hard in the bottom. If this is the case you need to purchase a new adjustment screw.

Q: The stop up function is not working and it stops in random position whats wrong?

A: The stay up spring is probably broken and needs to be replaced along with the Spring Stop Screw ( the screw that the spring rests on ). We recommend that you send it to us as the screw is a bit tricky to replace if you haven't done it before. It might have to be drilled out and the new screw needs proper alignment and Loctite. After this is done the spring will not break easy again.

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