TPS-500 X2 Kit for Cobra

TPS-500 X2 Kit for Cobra

The TPS-500 X2 is our third gen wireless power supply. Designed as a modular system so that charger bay and other accessories can be added to the main unit. Small size without external power supply (adapter) makes it ideal for traveling.
NOTE! Tattoo machines are not included.
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Powerpack with the latest technology, Communication between the units with BLE radio for optimal reliability and performance. The TPS-500 X2 system can be customized to suit your needs and combine your tattoo machines whether it’s a Cobra, Scorpion, Dragonfly, Stingray or a coil machine.

Package Includes:

1pcs TPS-500 X2 main unit

1pcs  X2 Powerpack for Cobra

1pcs  EXTRA X2 Powerpack for Cobra ( Optional )

1pcs X2 Charger bay for Cobra

1pcs WFS X2 foot switch

1pcs X2 Neorail with stand for Neo-cartridges ( Optional )

1pcs USB-C cable for the X2 Neorail

1pcs Power cord

1pcs Custom fitted case 34x28x8cm

Made In Sweden

  • Modular system, charger bay and battery types can be replaced
  • Travel size without external power adapter
  • Wireless Powerpacks available for all InkMachines tattoo machines
  • Wireless foot switch available
  • Neorail with stand available for Neo-cartridges
  • Hygienic and ergonomic, no cable to machine.
  • LCD display with easy to use interface
  • High capacity batteries to handle the most demanding sessions
  • Charge up to 5 units simultaneously
  • Boost mode = more power and torque when needed
  • Runs regular coil and rotary machines with cord
  • Smartphone app enabled

Output: 5-13V
Compatibility by cable: Various machines and foot switches
Connections: 1⁄4 phono (6.35mm)
LCD display: 55x14mm
Powerpack Weight: 90g
Powerpack Capacity: Aprox 6 hours
Powerpack Battery life: 500 charging cycles
Powerpack compatibility: Scorpion / Dragonfly / Stingray / Cobra
Powerpack Charging: Approx 90 min
Operating temp: 10-35 C Indoor use only
Dimensions main unit: 78x107x35mm


The TPS-500 X2 is our Third gen wireless power supply.



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