RPS-600 Software update instructions

RPS-600 update Version: 1565



Mac with OSX 10.x or PC with Windows XP or later

Java 1.7+ installed. (Download from http://www.java.com)

Internet connection

Free USB port

  1. Power on the RPS600 base unit
  2. Connect the RPS600 base unit to the computer with the USB cable
  3. Start a web browser Chrome, Safari, IE or Firefox.
  4. Navigate to https://trinity.xnk.nu/secureflash
  5. Click on Start update client.
  6. If java shows a dialog asking you if you want to run this application please click Run.
  7. Click on the Start update button and the upgrade will commence.
  8. When the upgrade is completed the RPS600 base unit will reboot into normal operating mode.
  9. Please wait until all battery packs has downloaded the new firmware from the base unit.
  10. Press once on footpedal in order to start firmware update.


Change RF channel instruction

  1. Press the settings button on key panel on the RPS600 base unit.
  2. Use down arrow key to navigate down and press OK on WIRELESS CHANNEL menu item.
  3. Use up and down arrow to select channel, try channel 1 first then and if the problem remains try 14.
  4. Press OK to confirm
  5. Please follow the guide on the screen for updating the channel on the footpedal.
  6. Insert battery packs in the charger bay for updating the channel on them.

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